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Things I wish LJ had

(maybe it does and I'm just being dim?)

- Equivalent of xkit's blacklist / tumblr savior.  It's mostly not so bad because of the lack of pictures, but there are still things I should avoid for everyone's sanity.

- A QUEUE.  The queue is the best thing about Tumblr for me, because when I have up days, instead of spamming people with All The Things I can queue them up to cover me during the down weeks.

- A like / heart / +1 /yesgood button for the majority of the time when my response to a post is, "Thanks for posting this thing it was a good thing but I have nothing further to contribute k bye."  There's Add to Memories, but I've always thought of that as more of an organizational thing.
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I think I have slightly overdone the fizzy peach moscato, which is very nice.  I'm currently Mildly Drunk Pest.  Mildly Drunk Pest wants to lie around watching shakespeare while eating chocolate and doing elaborate braids.  No, Drunk Pest.  It is not Shakespeare and braids time.  It is antidiogenes time.

I gave the fic with the missing scenes a quite serious looking-at and then resolutely ran away from it and opened up This Fucking Zwischenzug  (all my project names end up with "this fucking" prepended sooner or later).  There are scenes in there I don't remember writing.  I am feeling much more kindly disposed towards Past Pest now.

ETA: dreamwidth, why you no crosspost.  try again.  try better.

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ETAA Yes, it has now worked.  It has possibly given the impression that I am Drunk Pest this morning instead of last night.  How shall I solve this problem?  (Eyes fizzy peach moscato.)  I think I may see my way to a solution.
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past me is a dick

So I was reading over a fic I was working on some time ago, and kinda looking forward to reading over certain scenes.

But there they weren't.

So past me apparently spun out several scenes of this fic, scenes I can remember several details of, including things that got changed along the way.  Past me lay in bed thinking about these scenes, watching em unspool before falling asleep.  And past me thought every night, "Ehh, I'll write it down in the morning."

And. Never. Did.

Past me, you are the worst writing partner ever.

Okay, except for that one bit, cos that bit was actually better than I remember.

Maybe I will attempt to recreate those scenes during #antidiogenes weekend.  But maybe I will still be too bitter. 
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fic: The Procedure [Welcome to Night Vale]

The Procedure @ AO3

A couple StrexCorp doctors help out at the Night Vale branch of Planned Parenthood.

The procedure turned out to be a lot messier, using the Desert Bluffs methodology.

I have been unutterably crap about using LJ even though every five minutes I complain about how tumblr doesn't work.  I will try, probably for whole minutes, to rectify this.

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Fic: Comorbidity (Sherlock, E)

 Comorbidity on AO3
Sherlock/John.  Oral sex, figging, necrophilia.
Previously known as "What the fuck did I just write?"

One night in the shower, after John found out about Sherlock's... kink, he impulsively wrenched the handle around to cold.
It was worse, when it was John.
It was better, when it was John.
(no actual dead people or sex therewith)

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podfic: Tamed, Wild, Caged, and Feral Creatures (OUaT, E, 87 min)

podfic of Tamed, Wild, Caged, and Feral Creatures (AO3) cover

Once Upon a Time, Rumplestiltskin/Belle, E


Belle is there, in his house, a fortune un-earned.

Until his will crumbled, he would pretend to be what she thought he was, what she thought she wanted. He’d lay his mangy hide down at her feet and let her hands soothe him and pretend not to be rabid and broken.

MP3 download 87 min, 80 MB (mediafire)
at audiofic archive

I really hope someday AO3 gets things together to archive podfic.  I'm sure there are worries about people using it to share commercial files or something, but we really really need it.

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not schadefreude, I swear

So when it seemed like anybody whose tumblr had adult stuff on it was being hidden from tag searches and everybody was really upset, it very briefly got my hopes up that there would be a mass exodus and fandom would come over here where there is a working comment system. I didn't want people to be unhappy, I just wanted them to find happiness over here. I fear it is never to be.

I do admit, tumblr's queue feature is really nice, because I go on little kicks where I have a bunch of stuff to post, and then I dry up for days on end.  Being able to do it all in one go, but then have it automatically trickle out without spamming people all in one day is lovely.
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fic: London Orbital (Sherlock, casefic, G, 14K)

 London Orbital on AO3
"I’m driving first," Sally said. “Guv can take over after me. If we’re all still mad enough to be at this after that, John can drive third shift. Then the freak, if we decide we can risk it."
"John doesn’t drive," said Sherlock.
"Then what’s John along for?" Sally protested. Which Greg reckoned had to be just Sally trying to wind Sherlock up. She knew better. All night in a car with Sherlock was bad enough. All night driving round and round the M25 looking for a killer, with Sherlock deprived of John Watson, sounded like a new circle of hell.

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fic: Umbrella Defense (Sherlock)

 Umbrella Defense on Ao3  
Five universes where Mycroft Holmes saved his little brother (in five 221B’s).
Including zombies, wizards, 1984, and a boy on a diet.

Meanwhile this migraine just keeps hanging on behind my eyes, occasionally sending a spike through my brain to remind me it's there, and the perscription ibuprofen is not helping very much, but I'm afraid to go back to the vicodin, because it sometimes made me throw up for hours. Crossposted from
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gone utterly bursar (whining)

 So, apparently the discworld con doesn't do registration at the door, only online and only up to earlier this week.  So I guess I am not going to the discworld con.  tears of frustrated rage

Of course my first response was: I am such a fucking useless idiot.  

But it genuinely never even occurred to me that a con wouldn't do registration at the door.

It does not help that I'm on the third day of an on-and-off low-grade migraine.

Aggressively sulks on couch.  Considers getting even with the world by going back to bed with malice aforethought.

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