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I am being punished for writing rude things about a character's cold feet last night.  My feet are frozen and will not. warm. up.  It is summer.  The one good thing about summer heat should be that for once my feet aren't frozen.

This is not fair.  I did put in that his wife was plotting to sew him the most tasteful hot water bottle cover in all Gormenghast.

(I also discovered that I seem to have at one point actually outlined this fic (!!!) and remembered what else I had previously plotted for these characters and now I think I ought to be punished, but not please by cold feet.)
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Lis wears socks to bed. Even in the middle of summer. Even when we're both dripping sweat and it's hot and muggy -- her feet are still cold...
Yeah, I'm actually frequently cold-footed even in the heat, and keep fuzzy socks handy in bed. I was just amused that I had a particularly bad case the morning after writing about someone else's cold feet.