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Things I wish LJ had

(maybe it does and I'm just being dim?)

- Equivalent of xkit's blacklist / tumblr savior.  It's mostly not so bad because of the lack of pictures, but there are still things I should avoid for everyone's sanity.

- A QUEUE.  The queue is the best thing about Tumblr for me, because when I have up days, instead of spamming people with All The Things I can queue them up to cover me during the down weeks.

- A like / heart / +1 /yesgood button for the majority of the time when my response to a post is, "Thanks for posting this thing it was a good thing but I have nothing further to contribute k bye."  There's Add to Memories, but I've always thought of that as more of an organizational thing.
- Blacklist - I don't remember if it does or doesn't! LJ seems to have quite an extensive FAQ section, though...

- Likes - I too find myself reaching for a nonexistent 'like' button. Then I remind myself that likes and kudos cheapen our fan experience :) I think commenting "oooooh!" or "yesgood" is a good equivalent :)

- The queue - here I see what appears to be an interesting difference in approach or framing that I'd like to understand better. A queue makes sense to me on Tumblr because of the reblogging; when you'd like to call someone's attention to something, but it doesn't matter exactly when, a queue makes sense. But I'm used to the content on LJ being all original. And people queueing their original thoughts feels awfully fake, or else professional-blogger slick, to me. Though I could see it with fic reviews...

That said, apparently you can schedule your LJ posts to appear at a later date: That's not quite as slick and fast as adding them to a queue, but it could serve, yes?
Yeah, the scheduling thing is the closest I've found, and it works if you can keep track of which future date you're up to.

I'm not sure it would make sense for anybody else, but I really do have good days when I could write up twenty little posts on thoughts that aren't particularly time-sensitive. And weeks when I *want* to communicate with other people, but my terrible brain chemistry makes me instead start half a dozen posts and then delete them because nobody could possibly stand to view such crap.

I know (because I have been yelled at *many* times) that this looks to other people like I go away and don't care about them and I'm being deliberately snooty and unsocial. And of course the longer this goes on, the more pressure that the first new thing I post has to be good and interesting. The queue takes off the pressure -- it's a useful prosthetic for my malformed socialization gland.
1 - Yes that would be so good... I used to be able to filter my friends list, but since I was on lj last the option seems to have vanished; will investigate more.
2 - Agreed (even though I don't use queue). But Alas...
3 - I think a ^this / like / heart / yesgood / +1 would be the way to go. Let's start using it, and hope it'll spread?

ps: I took the liberty of friending you. Hope that's ok? :)
3. I think we are brain twins today. yesgood.

1. There are friends groups, which is handy, and when you add a friend it gives you the option to choose which of their tags to see/not see, but I'm not sure how to get back to that afterwards.