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podfic: Tamed, Wild, Caged, and Feral Creatures (OUaT, E, 87 min)

podfic of Tamed, Wild, Caged, and Feral Creatures (AO3) cover

Once Upon a Time, Rumplestiltskin/Belle, E


Belle is there, in his house, a fortune un-earned.

Until his will crumbled, he would pretend to be what she thought he was, what she thought she wanted. He’d lay his mangy hide down at her feet and let her hands soothe him and pretend not to be rabid and broken.

MP3 download 87 min, 80 MB (mediafire)
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I really hope someday AO3 gets things together to archive podfic.  I'm sure there are worries about people using it to share commercial files or something, but we really really need it.

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