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Problems I am having with This Fucking Zwischenzug (working title)

in general
  • I often neglect to use the word lambent for whole paragraphs, so I will never get the Peakesque voice right.
  • Listening to the audiobooks just a bit to help get the Peakesque voice right and suddenly it’s two hours later and I’m blinking and hazed by multiple wordgasms.
  • Plans Making Any Damn Sense is out of character for everyone.  This, unexplainably, puts plotting even further outside my scope.
  • Whenever Titus shows up, I suffer an overwhelming temptation to have him struck by lightning, just to simplify things.  
  • Prunesquallor may not survive the ferocity of my love (which is primarily expressed by torturing him).
  • Nothing I could write shall ever be epic enough to be worthy of Gertrude.
in specific
  • Steerpike has Prunesquallor et al in stalemate -- if they accuse him, he'll expose Fuchsia.  There is a cracky solution to this that makes me cackle with delight, but I'm not sure i can take it seriously enough to write.

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