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safe distance from the rear

snrk, I'm actually amazed that it took an entire week for somebody to complain that Safe Distance's ending is disappointing because Sherlock and John never had anal sex.

I mean, aware as I am of the weirdness of privileging anal as the ultimate consummation (because it's the closest thing to PiV, I suppose)  I do enjoy the fantasy of awesome soul-merging penetrative sex, probably because I've spent my entire life marinating in heteronormative male sexuality (or as we call it, sexuality).

But that's exactly what this story wasn't about.  

If I'd put in a scene of anal for this particular version of Sherlock and John during the time period of the story, it would probably have ended with John in a coma, having asphyxiated after triple-bagging his cock and then attempting to stretch a condom over his entire body, headfirst.

On the other hand, somebody did finally notice which ACD story it was based on (or possibly everyone did, but everyone else thought it was too obvious and were to embarrassed for me to mention it.)

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