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I'm a fancreature.  I mostly lurk, sometimes squee, and occasionally post fic.  (By occasionally I mean, on average, never.)

Historically, I used my LJ for blather about my obsessions of the moment, and as a safety valve, posting rude things that I chose not to say aloud IRL.  Then it was entirely neglected for about a decade.  Then it was sporadically used to post fic announcements, when I remembered.

In honor of the sudden Back to LJ trend, I'm trying for a return to blather and rudeness.  I promise nothing.

I use the same id on Tumblr, Twitter, Dreamwidth, AO3, Google, and #antidiogenes, so I am easy to find.

All my fic is archived at AO3.  (mod some comment ficlets I'm in process of gathering up)

It's always totally cool to friend and to unfriend.  No drama, I promise.  So far I don't think I've ever friendslocked anything except to make it visible only to me.

If you comment I will probably be delighted.  If you want to comment on something from my Tumblr or elsewhere, it's totally cool to do that here, e.g. on this post.  Or you can gmail/hangout me.

(If I don't respond, I probably missed it or else I have panicked am taking extra time because I can't think of a response.)
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Fic: It's Dogged As Does It (Sherlock, G, Petverse, 1/1)

It's Dogged As Does it (on AO3)

6K words, Greg/Molly, Dog!Sherlock, Cat!John, Bird!Moriarty, Harm to Animals, Fluff
Next to Sherlock -- aristocratic skull and glossy black coat and really just unfeasibly enormous -- John was small and fuzzy and ginger, with a flat, grumpy little face.  Greg, who knew about John's previous life as an alley cat, petted round John's left ear exactly once, and John showed his appreciation for the affection by not clawing Greg's fingers off.

fluffy fluff with fluffy fluffness
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(no subject)

Maybe the reason I never notice most of the wank in the Sherlock fandom is that I spent so many years in Doctor Who fandom which is a self-consuming ball of crazy from the dawn of time.

(omg I googled one of the cherished wanks of yesteryear and the first result includes clumsy innuendo about me from one of the participants (I have no memory of this at all))
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Me & Androids & Äkta människor (Real Humans)

Androids have never been my big thing.  There have always been other scifi tropes I loved more, and it's often hard for me to get beyond all the writing that seems to assume programming works by morphological determinism -- if it's in a body that looks like a human, it will inevitably start to act like a human (which, if you are a discworld android, fine, but otherwise... no, computers aren't magic).

But I like them well enough.  I liked Data.  And I do understand that the morphological determinism thing is because almost no android stories are about androids.  Android stories are mostly about how humans treat other humans.   That's what Äkta människor is about (so far, I'm only through 3 episodes).

It's about those who labor being dehumanized, about the rage when an outsider takes away  jobs/relationships/status from those used to being uniquely privileged, about well-meaning paternalism, about women being things for men to use, and some women being classed as such even to men who respect women in other categories, about fetishization of the exotic, about how people can have a hard time determining even for themselves what it would mean to be free of a history of domination, and about the fear that the only alternative to the violent domination of others is violent domination by them.

And the uncanny valley.  Lots of the uncanny valley.

I'm loving it, I really am.  But, okay, two things.

First, the whole thing works so well as an allegory, but I keep looking at the surface and going, "Okay, You're making an emotional appeal on behalf of the hubots here entirely based on the fact that it's uncomfortable to see human-shaped things treated badly.  That works perfectly for the subtext, but what about in the text?  It can be creepy to watch store mannequins get dismembered and destroyed too.  We need to see where hubots in the text fall between humans, mannequins, and laptop computers, or establish that they exist on an entirely different set of axes that makes their visual resemblance to humanity irrelevant."  (I'm sure the rest of the series will get around to this.)

Second, creepy wet innards are a good move towards indicating that these are not just an extension of today's programming.  A scene that looks like someone reprogramming one with a laptop undermines that.  A lot.  So does every reference to current computer terminology wrt the hubots.  Please don't make me think about how this would really work, because my first response is, it wouldn't.

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"Did you know there's no entry for 'gullible' in the dictionary?" or, Tumblr is easily led

"Did you know there's no entry for 'gullible' in the dictionary?  When the original Websters was printed, the old man who was typesetting that page had a heart attack just before he was about to set the first line of the definition for 'gullible.'  Because he was so loved, they left that entry out in his memory, and only an inch of blank paper appeared in its place!  Since then, this has become a tradition observed by all dictionaries (except  the OED, who have a previous tradition of leaving out "verisimilitude" instead).  Not many people know this, so you can use this little bit of space to record secrets you want to share just with other people in the know.  At Vassar, a tradition grew up of recording declarations of love between women in this secret place in the dictionary.  Do you have an old family dictionary lying around?  Check and see if your ancestors left a note there for you!"

[11,000 tumblr reblogs about how this provides a perfect space to record your passwords or write a love note to be found after your death!  What an amazing  idea!]

"No, that's not true!  This is dangerous and wrong!  I can't believe people are being so careless as to encourage people to do this!  The modern system for printing dictionaries uses an inking system that refreshes twice, and the first refresh usually happens at the end of the 'G' section.  If you use the dictionary normally, it doesn't cause a problem, but too many people opening the page where printing began after the refresh releases tiny particles into the air.  If you breathe in too many of these, you could have a heart attack and die!  (And yes, the other refresh comes at the beginning of the 'V' section, which is why there's an older rumor about 'verisimilitude.')  So, if you need to look up "gullible" do it, but don't leave a note there for yourself or someone you love to look back on over and over -- it could be fatal!"

[15,000 more tumblr reblogs about how this could save lives!]
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the floor is finally lava

[personal profile] prettyarbitrary has worked out an IFTTT recipe  to bridge the gap between platforms and   x-post from LJ to Tumblr here, using your LJ's RSS feed.  Because, PA is awesome.

This should work just as well with the RSS from a dreamwidth.

I wanted a version that only crossposted posts using certain keywords.  Using the RSS feed, IFTTT kept giving me "Recipe check failed" but when I changed the url to the atom feed (literally, replace "rss" with "atom" in the url) it worked fine. Crossposted from
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everyone knows virgins can't write sex & to write serial killing you have to be a serial killer

X-post from tumblr:


It’s REALLY easy to figure out who has actually had sex and who hasn’t when reading smut.

When I was first writing fic I was Really Quite Young, and as yet man had delighted not me, no nor woman neither.  I got quite a few emails from people telling me how great it was to read fic written by someone who wasn't just another dumb young virgin fangirl who didn't know what she was talking about. After all, they smirkingly assured me, they could always tell!

Well, they couldn't tell way back then, and you can't tell now.

Some people write swoony soul-fusing simultaneous-orgasm sex because they've never had sex and think that's how it is.  Some people write swoony soul-fusing simultaneous-orgasm sex because they've had sex and wish that's how it had been. Some people write swoony soul-fusing simultaneous-orgasm sex because they've had sex and for them, that's how it was. Some people write swoony soul-fusing simultaneous-orgasm sex because they fucking feel like it that day.

I have known mothers of two who thought the clitoris was inside the vagina, and lifelong virgins who write beautifully choreographed double penetration scenes.

You can't tell.  Just like I can't tell for sure that everyone who makes this claim is really saying "I was desirable enough that a Man touched me and conferred on me Worth, and if my fuckability by Men doesn't make me superior to other women, I don't know what I have."   I don't even know that you're a bullying self-congratulatory heteronormative fuckwad who writes shitty fic.  I mean, that's been true in every previous case, but I like to keep an open mind

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LJ as Tumblr refuge?

Just thought I'd say, even though I'm tickled that people are doing more on LJ, and there are things about Tumblr that are not good, I'm not here because of wank in the Sherlock fandom.  Because I never see wank in the Sherlock fandom.  I know it's happening, but all that shows up on my dash  when there's wank about some topic X is:

Person A: "OMG I love X, X is the best thing evah!"
Person B: gifset of X
Person C: gifset of X
Person D: "If you post X hate I will unfriend your ass"
Person E: fic posting about X
Person F: gifset of X
Person G: "I'm really interested in X"
Person H: "if you don't love X we can't be friends!"
Person A: "I can't stand this wank!  This used to be such a loving caring fandom but now the anti X people are hounding the few of us who like X and I'm just really so hurt that  X is so hated, I mean, I'm sorry, but it's pretty obvious that only puppykickers wouldn't love X.  Why can't we all just get along?"
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(no subject)

I am being punished for writing rude things about a character's cold feet last night.  My feet are frozen and will not. warm. up.  It is summer.  The one good thing about summer heat should be that for once my feet aren't frozen.

This is not fair.  I did put in that his wife was plotting to sew him the most tasteful hot water bottle cover in all Gormenghast.

(I also discovered that I seem to have at one point actually outlined this fic (!!!) and remembered what else I had previously plotted for these characters and now I think I ought to be punished, but not please by cold feet.)