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everyone knows virgins can't write sex & to write serial killing you have to be a serial killer

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It’s REALLY easy to figure out who has actually had sex and who hasn’t when reading smut.

When I was first writing fic I was Really Quite Young, and as yet man had delighted not me, no nor woman neither.  I got quite a few emails from people telling me how great it was to read fic written by someone who wasn't just another dumb young virgin fangirl who didn't know what she was talking about. After all, they smirkingly assured me, they could always tell!

Well, they couldn't tell way back then, and you can't tell now.

Some people write swoony soul-fusing simultaneous-orgasm sex because they've never had sex and think that's how it is.  Some people write swoony soul-fusing simultaneous-orgasm sex because they've had sex and wish that's how it had been. Some people write swoony soul-fusing simultaneous-orgasm sex because they've had sex and for them, that's how it was. Some people write swoony soul-fusing simultaneous-orgasm sex because they fucking feel like it that day.

I have known mothers of two who thought the clitoris was inside the vagina, and lifelong virgins who write beautifully choreographed double penetration scenes.

You can't tell.  Just like I can't tell for sure that everyone who makes this claim is really saying "I was desirable enough that a Man touched me and conferred on me Worth, and if my fuckability by Men doesn't make me superior to other women, I don't know what I have."   I don't even know that you're a bullying self-congratulatory heteronormative fuckwad who writes shitty fic.  I mean, that's been true in every previous case, but I like to keep an open mind