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LJ as Tumblr refuge?

Just thought I'd say, even though I'm tickled that people are doing more on LJ, and there are things about Tumblr that are not good, I'm not here because of wank in the Sherlock fandom.  Because I never see wank in the Sherlock fandom.  I know it's happening, but all that shows up on my dash  when there's wank about some topic X is:

Person A: "OMG I love X, X is the best thing evah!"
Person B: gifset of X
Person C: gifset of X
Person D: "If you post X hate I will unfriend your ass"
Person E: fic posting about X
Person F: gifset of X
Person G: "I'm really interested in X"
Person H: "if you don't love X we can't be friends!"
Person A: "I can't stand this wank!  This used to be such a loving caring fandom but now the anti X people are hounding the few of us who like X and I'm just really so hurt that  X is so hated, I mean, I'm sorry, but it's pretty obvious that only puppykickers wouldn't love X.  Why can't we all just get along?"
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yeah, I only read it on my phone at work. I've found that reading tumblr through the dolphin web browser on android works a lot better than the app. Animated gifs nearly always work if the connection is good, and all those links that the app doesn't know how to handle work fine. (otoh, sometimes the reblog page is screwed up in the browser)
One of those things that I always try to keep in mind:

I'm very happy for you that you have managed to not follow people who missed that lesson.
yep, that's a goodun.

I am almost always v. pleased that I never have to see more than the reports of kerfuffle.

I do admit that, occasionally, when everyone is talking about the catastrophic and shocking conflict that just happened but nobody says exactly what it was, I do get mightily curious.
I also tend to get wind of the shit storms secondhand, rather than encountering them directly... but I dunno, I feel like they still shape my experience because everyone gets cranky, and is less willing to engage in conversation because they don't want to get snowed. I know I'm very wary of what I post over there, and that's just from watching the fallout secondhand.
Word certainly spreads a lot faster on Tumblr. On the other hand, lots of people reblogging with nasty commentary somehow feels to me a bit less personal than lots of people coming to someone's LJ post and leaving nasty comments.

I've always been much more wary of what I post to avoid pissing off people I like than worrying about having hordes of angry strangers released on me -- I'm not high enough profile for a bnf to bother taking out.