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I'm a fancreature.  I mostly lurk, sometimes squee, and occasionally post fic.  (By occasionally I mean, on average, never.)

Historically, I used my LJ for blather about my obsessions of the moment, and as a safety valve, posting rude things that I chose not to say aloud IRL.  Then it was entirely neglected for about a decade.  Then it was sporadically used to post fic announcements, when I remembered.

In honor of the sudden Back to LJ trend, I'm trying for a return to blather and rudeness.  I promise nothing.

I use the same id on Tumblr, Twitter, Dreamwidth, AO3, Google, and #antidiogenes, so I am easy to find.

All my fic is archived at AO3.  (mod some comment ficlets I'm in process of gathering up)

It's always totally cool to friend and to unfriend.  No drama, I promise.  So far I don't think I've ever friendslocked anything except to make it visible only to me.

If you comment I will probably be delighted.  If you want to comment on something from my Tumblr or elsewhere, it's totally cool to do that here, e.g. on this post.  Or you can gmail/hangout me.

(If I don't respond, I probably missed it or else I have panicked am taking extra time because I can't think of a response.)