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I think I have slightly overdone the fizzy peach moscato, which is very nice.  I'm currently Mildly Drunk Pest.  Mildly Drunk Pest wants to lie around watching shakespeare while eating chocolate and doing elaborate braids.  No, Drunk Pest.  It is not Shakespeare and braids time.  It is antidiogenes time.

I gave the fic with the missing scenes a quite serious looking-at and then resolutely ran away from it and opened up This Fucking Zwischenzug  (all my project names end up with "this fucking" prepended sooner or later).  There are scenes in there I don't remember writing.  I am feeling much more kindly disposed towards Past Pest now.

ETA: dreamwidth, why you no crosspost.  try again.  try better.

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ETAA Yes, it has now worked.  It has possibly given the impression that I am Drunk Pest this morning instead of last night.  How shall I solve this problem?  (Eyes fizzy peach moscato.)  I think I may see my way to a solution.