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Not Saying What I Did Not Say

Passively aggressively posting about there being something that I'm not posting about gives me the strength of will to bite my tongue really jolly hard.  Because I know better than to publicly and directly disagree with BNFs.  Because, really, its just people being Wrong On The Internet.  Because I can just ignore it.   Because fandom is a surprisingly nice place for something made of people.  So ignore it.  Okay.  Okay.   Crossposted from
Zortwife gets to listen to all of my "exactly this"es. :-) She says she does it to keep me out of trouble and over the years I have learned she is right.

(It really does help to tell one person. Especially if you can say it out loud and not write it down for posterity.)
Yay for Zortwife! I can see how saying it out loud would help.

I mostly write down the stiffest, most cutting version I can in a document that never sees the light of day; it seems to also help to know I could say something really quite harsh, darn it, if I chose to.