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Fic: Tangent to a Surface (Sherlock, John/Greg E)

Tangent to a Surface on Ao3

 John and Greg up against a wall, after a case.  Casual, yeah, casual sounds perfect.
"Grinding, eh? My day," Greg said against the side of John’s head, “we called this a dry hump."
"Frottage," John corrected, adjusting his angle.
"Oh, hark at the posh lad," Greg mocked, and rocked a little bit, like he thought this was going to be subtle.

I often wish AO3 didn't use "relationship" for both "sex between these people" and "here's the relationship this is really about," because I never know how to tag stuff like this.  This is like that time I wrote Giles/Ethan porn that was actually all about Giles being miserably in love with Buffy.  Except this is upbeat, verging on fluffy.  

Also, I was going to post this like, two hours ago, but I was all,  "Fuck, how do you titles?"  Still not happy with it.
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